Webmaster Virtual Assistant

Full Time / Part Time Dedicated Offshore Webmaster Virtual Assistant

Are you running your own online business? Are you using up too much unprofitable time on routine work that a webmaster could be doing? You need a webmaster VA to help you out with the repetitive maintenance tasks that do not directly earn you money. We can help.

We specialize in providing the solution to this problem – practically, technically and economically.

Get an OffShore Webmaster

By using one of our virtual webmaster teams, you can forget the daily site maintenance grind and get back to doing what you do best – marketing and exploiting new opportunities.

Not only that, but you can use someone with high skill levels (and access to others), which increases overall efficiency as well. 40 hours a week – all yours. Get started – find out more now…

Economic Sense
What’s your time worth as a marketer – $4.50 an hour? Are you laughing? It doesn’t sound like a lot, and it isn’t – you probably make much more than that – tens or even hundreds of times more. And, you could make even more if you only had the time.

$4.50 an hour. Yes, that’s all a highly skilled webmaster virtual assistant will cost you. Someone dedicated to your sites and technical needs, full time.

So why are you wasting time on tedious technical tasks when your time is worth so much more?

Think of the time freed up that you can use much more profitably:

  • Accelerate your business development program.
  • Change up a gear – or two – with your marketing program.
  • More efficient execution of technical tasks using expert resources.
  • Your business is progressing, even when you take a day off – how many of those do you get?

Time and money, and opportunities lost – what is the real cost of that tedious technical support work you are doing on your sites? You can free up that time now, and unleash your business.

Configure a Team and Set Priorities


Our Webmaster virtual assistants can handle a huge range of technical tasks including full website life-cycle support. The virtual team is yours to configure as your priorities change and your business grows. 40 hours a week, with a huge skills portfolio – at your disposal! Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, email management, traffic building,site ranking and SEO services,E-Commerce solution integration – you name it, your dedicated webmaster VA can handle it.

And on top of that you’ll have no payroll hassles, vacation pay or health plans to worry about. Simple.

40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year – all yours, to help you build your business.

Just think how that can help you move faster and respond to short-term market trends.

Talk to us now and start accelerating with a Webmaster VA!

And if you think 40 hours a week is more than you need until your business has grown some more, then talk to us about part-time webmaster services – we can tailor a team and time to suit your needs.

Send your site maintenance worries offshore today, to us!

Working with Us
Once your Webmaster VA is engaged, all you need to do is give us your instructions, check our daily reports and time sheets, and enjoy the benefits. Easy!

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How We Deliver
There are three basic formats for our professional service delivery:

  • Full time, 5 days (40 hours) a week.
  • Part-time, 5 days (20 hours) a week.
  • Project work – full technical services

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Employee Levels
Based on experience and skills we have two categories of employees:

  • Expert- Minimum 5 years experience .
  • Expert- Minimum 2 years experience .

Don’t let time and opportunity pass by .

Contact us and tell us what services you require, and we will assign your dedicated virtual assistant. We will provide contact details for our ‘talk to the boss’ service which ensures that you get first class service and response. Our customer service team provides regular updates on progress.