8 Hot Niche Market 2013 Affiliate Marketer Should Look Out For

A niche market can dramatically change your fortunes. The challenge is of course in being able to find a profitable niche in the first place. Fortunately this is easy if you know exactly how to go about it. It becomes even easier when the hottest niches currently are revealed and you also get pointers to the kind of resources that will help you find even more on your own as well as gauge their potential.

Successful affiliate marketers know how to find a niche market and are constantly seeking new hot niches to help them make money. They really have no choice in the matter because even where their current niche market is doing well, there will always be another one out there that is even better. There is also the danger that their current niche may die out over time or have its’ effectiveness reduce.

Here are 8 hot niches to consider for 2013

Tablets and Mobile Devices Niche

Tablets and mobile devices have become extremely popular and widespread. Clearly this is not a fad that will go away any time soon because the sales of these devices continues to rise rapidly. Indeed industry analysts and experts project that the users of these mobile devices will soon be more than those who use desktop PCs.

It is therefore no surprise that big software developers like Microsoft are now producing operating systems that are specifically designed for these mobile devices like Windows 8. Even without any niche research, this should be the clincher for anybody who may want to doubt just how hot a niche market this is for 2013.

Green Energy Niche

There is an increasing emphasis on green energy and the creation of services and products that are environment friendly. One just needs to look at what is happening in the car industry where the sales of Hybrid green energy vehicles or pure electric cars has been on the rise for a long time now. Contrary to all expectations buyers do not seem to mind spending more as long as they can play their part in saving the environment.

There are many ways in which an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur can cash in on Green energy niche. You can choose to market versions of your product that are friendly to the environment. Or if you have some expertise on how best to save energy you can create eBooks and sell them online.

Online Education Niche

Traditional education has become pretty expensive in recent times. The result has been a huge and growing market of persons who never manage to complete their education. Learning online is the answer and it has numerous advantages. You can cash in on these trends by entering education online lucrative niche in 2013.

List Building Niche

Building permission based email lists is the secret behind the success of most online businesses and even many offline enterprises as well. This is a niche market where you can hardly go wrong.

There are plenty of opportunities in list building niche because this is a subject that most marketers are extremely interested in. From beginners to the most seasoned operators. You could easily target offline businesses as well and give them information and advice on how to best use email marketing to effectively generate an endless stream of hot leads and ultimately customers.

Personal Health Niche

Unity Stoakes, Start-up Health co-founder predicts that the personal health niche which deals with digital tools that help monitor and improve health will experience phenomenal growth in 2013. Personal health in general has been a growth niche for many years and this is well worth looking into.

Women Weight loss Niche

The women’s weight loss niche market is an example of those market segments that retain their popularity irrespective of what time of the year it is. This is not surprising when you consider the fact that the vast majority of women in the United States are overweight and there is increasing awareness of the risks involved which means that more and more of them are seeking viable weight loss options.

Power Sleep Niche

People are sleeping less and demanding better sleep tools to ensure that the little sleep they get is of the highest quality possible. Figures show that Select Comfort grew 25% and Mattress Firm grew 39% in 2011. The growth projected for 2013 is expected to be even higher.

Investment and Retirement Niche

Investment for retirement and other types of investments as well are growing rapidly in popularity with people seeking all the best information they can get their hands on that will improve their investment portfolios. This is a niche where you can be sure you will never lack customers as long as you can provide viable top quality information to help people reap more from their investments.

We will now look into how to find a niche market on your own using some amazing online resources.

Finding Niche With Amazon.com/bestsellers

Amazon is the biggest book store on earth and an amazing place for anybody gathering information on trends and what the public is currently interested in. Best selling books and products in all kinds of categories will point you to emerging niches that you should exploit. The best time to enter a niche is just when it is starting and there are very few other places where you can get an indication of this.

Using Pulse.ebay.com to find hot niche

This is yet another great source of data and information for spotting trends early. At this popular site you will quickly identify the products that are being purchased the most. You will simply need to figure out how the potential niches you find best fit into your online enterprise

Magazines.com – A Great source for niche ideas

The site that will give you the top 10 magazine titles out there. This usually includes titles like Time magazine, People, Money, Woman’s Day, Women’s Health and Sports Illustrated for Kids among others. Some important existing niches in the market are the reason why these titles are so popular. Just the kind of opportunities that an online entrepreneur will usually be looking for.

Ehow.com for a wide variety of niche ideas

How-to articles are the most popular on the World Wide Web and they are also very profitable keywords in various categories. This site thrives on giving solutions to problems through how-to articles. These articles address various popular niches

Using Google.com/trends/hottrends to find hot niche

This is just the place to find high search volume keywords that have very little competition. Precisely the kind of niches that smart online marketers are always looking out for.

Using Trendwatching.com/trends for popular niche

As the name of the site suggests this is the place to find information on the very latest trends which can quickly be turned into profit. There is much more detail here about the various developing and emerging trends than you will find in the Google trends site above.

Using Yahoo’s Buzz for Entertainment related niche

Index Yahoo’s buzz features the most popular searches in the entertainment industry. The searches include topics like movies, sports, music, TV, video and games related niche.

Hubpages.com/hubs/hot for all types of niche ideas

The hottest hub pages topics are listed on this site. They usually represent the most discussed topics and equally hottest niche markets just waiting to be exploited.


At this website you will find the things that folks are most desperately looking for. It lists what people want to do or achieve as well as what they want to learn. Successful online entrepreneurs will tell you that the easiest way to make money is by solving people’s problems.


This is a site that is very similar to 43things.com above. You will see numerous things that people are looking to do. These things also represent a huge amount of very viable niche marketing ideas that you can pick up for your own profit.


There are very few if any, better places to find great business ideas. Admittedly some of the ideas may be extreme but most are excellent and will lead an entrepreneur into virgin untapped markets that can end up being very profitable.

Finding a niche market should be a lot easier when you have been armed with the kind of information and resources discussed in this article.

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